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For about a decade, I was involved in sailboat racing at the local and national level. I raced in the Albacore class. The Albacore is a two-person, 15-foot planing one-design sailboat with a mainsail and jib. For much of that time, I was on the US specifications committee for the class, including serving as measurer for two national championships. In that role, I was exposed to another important aspect of the rules. This time, it's an unfortunate aspect.Find More Info on http://www.thegolfshoponline.co.uk/ here.

More improbable is that the gust is perfectly aligned with the putt. But the wind has to be aligned somewhere, so this may certainly have happened. Given a 4-inch hole and a 12-foot putt, there is 1 chance in 230 that the wind will be aligned well enough to blow the putt into the hole.

In fact, our chances become a little better when we take into account that the wind only has to make a 9-foot putt; according to the story, the golfer's mishit got the ball three feet closer without any aid from the wind. That's 1 chance in 180. Again, not outrageous. Combining all the coincidences, we have an event of low probability that: